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Hair & Scalp Consultation Software
Hair Loss Specialists and Trichologists

Title: Hair & Scalp Consultation Software (HCSC)

Version: 1.0/2024

Category: Client Consultation and Business Management Software

Industry: Hair Loss ( NAICS 8121 Personal Care Services)

Users: Hair Loss Specialists and Trichologists

Setup Options: Individuals, Centers and Educators

Description: Our software is an automated system designed for the hair loss industry. It covers the client consultation process used by hair loss specialists and trichologists. Our software includes client intake, discovery, assessment and treatment processes.

  1. Discovery

The Client Consultation Process

The discovery covers a review in-depth conversation with your client about their family hair loss history and health conditions.

  1. Treatment

  1. Assessment

The treatment involves developing a plan that will regrow or maintain your client's hair and or eliminate their scalp disorder.

The assessment covers a physical hair and scalp exam. During this exam you will determine if your client has any issues causing in hair loss and/or scalp disorders.

How It Works

This system was designed and developed on the Microsoft Access Software, which is a database development product. Databases allow organizations to maintain their data on their computers or servers.

Users can access software using Window based devices like desktops, laptops and tablets. It can also be used on IOS devices through third party systems.

Forms are used to input client data and to track client information. Reports are generated based on the information in the forms.

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