Improving Client Care

This software automates the collection, storage, tracking, and management of client information while also generating professional reports. With this module, you can assess a client's health, conduct a physical hair and scalp analysis, and create professionally tailored treatment plans for your clients. You can also add links to your website, equipment, and any other necessary resources.

Client Intake & Consultation Process

  • Collecting, tracking, and managing your client's progress.

  • Accurately and quickly assessing your clients hair loss condition(s) and/or scalp disorder(s).

  • Completing a client health review or a detailed review if you require additional information to determine your client's condition(s) or disorder(s).

  • Presenting your clients with a detailed treatment plan to regrow or maintain their hair and/or clear up their scalp disorders.

  • Tracking your client's progress to understand if you need to revise their treatment.

Software Description

Our Hair & Scalp Consultation software is an interactive user-friendly tool customized specifically for hair loss specialists and trichologists. It automates the client intake and client consultation process, allowing users to document, manage, and track comprehensive client information efficiently.

By utilizing our software, hair professionals can provide personalized care and keep detailed records to monitor progress effectively. We invite you to visit our website for further information and step-by-step instructions.

Client Intake

The Client Intake Process

The Client Intake process is used to collect, track and manage client information. This process creates your client folders that contains all of the client consultation forms and reports.

Client Consultation

  1. Discovery

The discovery covers a review in-depth conversation with your client about their family hair loss history and health conditions.

  1. Treatment

The treatment involves developing a plan that will regrow or maintain your client's hair and or eliminate their scalp disorder.

  1. Assessment

The assessment covers a physical hair and scalp exam. During this exam you will determine if your client has any issues causing in hair loss and/or scalp disorders.

Client Folders - Male & Female

The genders folders are separated to address the issues for males only and females only issues. The client consultation process includes the discovery, assessment and treatment.

Conditions & Disorders Profiles

Conditions & Disorders Profile

Create conditions and disorders profile to use as reference guides and client treatment plans.

Generated Reports

Generated Reports

Reports are generated for the client, provider and treatment request.

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